WØLZT is an indie solo project from French Alps.

Behind this enigmatic name hides a solitary artist who only officiates in studio for now and self-produces all his work.       

After a decade of research and experimentation that he himself describes as a «musical diary», a first self-released EP was finally released in 2018:
I Found A Space Between Two Worlds.

He returns this year with a 7-song concept album: Anamnēsis
7 tracks | 35 min
release date : 11.03.2022
This concept album can be seen as a picture of the present and future occidental civilization, through the eye of a man, aware of his own limits and neuroses, who wonders about his place here below.

The music is resolutely cinematic, flirting with rock and some folk inspirations; no catchy verse/chorus formula here, but a kind of musical prose that unfolds throughout the album to tell us a dark, but not hopeless story, which WØLZT recaps as follows:
«foretoken relics from a dark age seeking for the inner way».

16-page digital booklet with lyrics and artworks by Samantha Muljat is available to strengthen the journey.
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