WØLZT is an indie solo project
from French Alps.

After about 11 years of unreleased private experiments
as a personal diary...

I Found A Space Between Two Worlds
is the inaugural release from WØLZT
5 tracks | 23 min | self-released
release date : 21.09.2018
This debut EP is intended to paint a soundtrack for lonely journey through the night. The kind of dark night that makes the whole thing strange and beautiful, and spread itself into your soul as a growing tree and a space travel desire at the same time. It makes nature special, and let you understand that you’re a part of it too. But it needs some dark and deep roads to get there. You feel like you can handle this, until morning washes it away. Maybe it was just a dream, maybe not.

Grounded by cinematic tastes, ambient music and storytelling.
Driven by ethereal synths and haunted guitar sounds, from lively songs to melancholic soundscapes.

12-page digital booklet with lyrics and artwork is provided to enhance narrative.
All visuals and promotional materials are made by WØLZT himself, as a multidisciplinary artist.

sample track
two worlds
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